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Mary, mother of Jesus faced a difficult pregnancy, was judged by others and had no place to go. But Mary knew the child she bore was special. The child within the womb is special too and this Christmas we will encourage moms to choose life for their baby 


This Christmas season 93,000 babies will never have their "First Christmas". The abortion industry will rob them of their lives and their future.  Armed with Santa hats, song books, and the Christmas spirit, our mission is to take the message of Christmas to a place of abandoned hope.  


Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Savior of the world and this December, will sing songs of hope and peace on earth out in front of one the most hopeless places on earth.

Join us as we sing Christmas carols and give gift baskets to the moms going in! What better time to share the love of Christ than when we celebrate His birth!


There are many opportunities and events planned. Pick the ones best for you.

If you have any questions or want to help make the Christmas gift baskets for the moms, please contact us.


Mercy Christmas and God bless,


Lauren Handy

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